Still Cuba is a project born during an artist-in-residency of two months in Havana. The installation is composed by a handmade machine that loops two paintings on canvas where each are joined at their ends forming a circle.
The paintings were made au plein air through walks in the city. I took portraits of the people I met, the streets I walked and the places I lived in . Focusing on the perspective of the tourist cliché through Cuban stereotypes.

El territorio es un acto. Sala Amadis. Madrid 2020
Still Cuba. XIII Bienal de la Habana 2019

Abu Duyanah “Presentan en La Habana Still Cuba y El sol se ha ido pero todavía nos queda la vista. ADN Cuba (ES)
Estela Ferrer “Still Cuba, entre el cartoon y la cámara” UNEAC (ES)

Nicolás Ríos did a short film about the work in progress

International Artist-in-Residency with Colón Cultural
Granted with INJUVE. Becas de Creación 2019

Still Cuba

95 x 100 x 525 cm

Collaboration with the mechanical engineer Juan Oxel