Curator Or The One Who Takes Care Of is an artist publication who brings 80 drawings and an essay from the curator Oscar Holloway.
Purposely mystifies a disquieting relationship between two discordant characters: a curator and a duck. In this repeated scene, both figures exhibit an uncertain connection through touch and posture; the crouching curator pats, caresses or grabs the top of the duck’s neck, prompting a deliberate ambiguity concerning the reciprocity of the relationship – An act of submission, eroticism, a confabulation, is there a hidden power play or are they just fooling around?

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Talks: Múltiplos Barcelona 2015

Birmingham Museum Library. Alabama
Biblioteca CA2M. Móstoles
Bòlit Centre d’Estudis. Girona


Curator Or The One Who Takes Care Of

84 pages
21 x 15 cm
Offset Print
Edition of 200