Calonge 2013 is a mid-length fiction film  that recreates a conversation about a lost and recovered sketchbook found by Tillman Fünfstuck in Leipzig, Germany.
The movie cinematically explores the sketchbook narrative by mixing reality, speculations of authorship, and fiction.

Fabra i Coats. Barcelona 2016

Les Quadres. Calonge 2016
Truffaut Cinema. Girona 2016
Fontova Cinema. Calonge 2016
Palamós Library. Palamós 2016
Zum Zeig Cinema. Barcelona 2015

La Gran Il·lusió. Sala d’Art Jove. Barcelona 2015

Granted project by Sala d’Art Jove 2015 Creation Grand
Finalist of Miquel Casa Blancas Award 2016

Calonge 2013

Mid-length movie
31:20 min